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What if's...?

Drafts, Free Agency, and the massive demand for large sums of cash have certainly shaped sports, but it is not more prominant in any other sport other than Major League Baseball. In the Draft, players demands for signing bonuses, major league contracts, and college commits can drop in him like a rock in the draft. If your a player outside the U.S. or Canada, you can sign a contract with a major league club as early as 16 or 17 years old and begin your professional careers; players from Puerto Rico have the choice of doing one or the other. As for Free Agency, we all know how that plays out judging by the previous off-seasons.

So, what if Free Agency did play such a big role, what if players entering the draft just signed without any remorse, what if players weren't traded early in their professional careers, staying with there franchises throughout there entire careers? I'm about to answer these questions. Here are the 32 teams lineups if these factors came into play, and other little tidbits effecting your 2009 teams, with a 32 part series.

LOS ANGELES Angels                                                                                                                                                

  • Catcher...Mike Napoli / 2000 17th Round
  • First Base...Casey Kotchmen / 2001 1st Round*
  • Second Base...Aaron Hill / 2000 7th Round (didn't sign)
  • Third Base...Chris Davis / 2005 35th Round (didn't sign)
  • Shortstop...Bobby Crosby / 1998 34th Round (didn't sign)
  • Right Field...David Murphy / 2000 50th Round (didn't sign)
  • Center Field...Jim Edmonds / 1988 8th Round
  • Left Field...Garret Anderson / 1990 4th Round
  • Designated Hitter...Howie Kendrick / 2002 10th Round
  • #1 Starter...Jarrod Washburn / 1995 2nd Round*
  • #2 Starter...John Lackey / 1999 2nd Round*
  • #3 Starter...Ervin Santana / International Free Agent 2000
  • #4 Starter...Brandon Morrow / 2003 40th Round (didn't sign)
  • #5 Starter...Jered Weaver / 2004 1st Round*
  • Closer...Francisco Rodriguez / International Free Agent 1998

Some Top Prospects would be...

  1. Brandon Wood, 3B / 2003 1st Round
  2. Sean Rodriguez, MIF / 2003 3rd Round
  3. David Huff, LHP / 2003 31st Round (didn't sign)
  4. Kris Johnson, LHP / 2003 50th Round (didn't sign)
  5. Freddy Sandoval, IF / 2004 8th Round
  6. Hainley Statia, SS / 2004 9th Round
  7. Nick Adenhart, RHP / 2004 14th Round
  8. Mark Trumbo, 1B / 2004 18th Round
  9. Stephen Marek, RHP / 2004 40th Round
  10. P.J. Phillips, 3B / 2005 2nd Round
  11. Sean O'Sullivan, RHP / 2005 3rd Round
  12. Brian Matusz, LHP / 2005 4th Round (didn't sign)
  13. Peter Bourjos, OF / 2005 10th Round
  14. Brad Suttle, 3B / 2005 21st Round (didn't sign)
  15. Buster Posey, C / 2005 50th Round (didn't sign)
  16. Hank Conger, C / 2006 1st Round
  17. Jordan Walden, RHP / 2006 12th Round
  18. Jon Bachanocv, RHP / 2007 1st Round
  19. Matt Harvey, RHP / 2007 3rd Round (didn't sign)
  20. Trevor Reckling, LHP / 2007 8th Round

* all draft picks are out of High School unless noted otherwise which case the player went to college because they were not drafted out of High School

  • Drafted Wide Receiver O.J. McDuffie in 1991 in the 41st Round
  • Drafted Running Back Marshall Faulk in 1993 in the  43rd Round
  • Drafted Quarterback Pat White in 2004 in the 4th Round, and again in 2007 in the 27th Round
  • Drafted Safety Jarrad Page in 2006 in the 7th Round
  • Drafted Washington Huskie Quarterback Jake Locker in 2006 in the 40th Round

rotation, and draft picks are set in chronological particular order

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Fixing the...Seattle Mariners

Where to start with a team that lost 101 games? Where to start with a team that had such high expectations enterting the previous season just get dumped down the toilet? Well, luckily that is new hired GM Jack Zduriencik, and it is new coach Don Wakamatsu who must get wins. As of today, the lineup for the Mariners sets up as follows...

  • Catcher...Jeff Clement/Kenji Johjima
  • First Base...Russell Branyan
  • Second Base...Jose Lopez
  • Third Base...Adrian Beltre
  • Shorstop...Yuniesky Betancourt
  • Right Field...Ichiro Suzuki
  • Center Field...Franklin Gutierrez
  • Left Field...Wladimir Balentien
  • Designated Hitter...Jeff Clement/Kenji Johjima 


  • Starter #1...Felix Hernandez
  • Starter #2...Erik Bedard
  • Starter #3...Brandon Morrow
  • Starter #4...Jarrod Washburn 
  • Starter #5...Carlos Silva / Ryan Rowland-Smith
  • Closer...Mark Lowe

The lineup is formiable, just not very well put together thanks to Bill Bavasi. With Kenji's contract, I would expect Clement and Johhjima to platoon at catcher with Clement doing most of the catching. Branyan with most certainly, I hope, platoon with another player as he just can't hit left-handed pitching. Lopez and Betancourt have seen their defense slowly go by the wayward which isn't very good for a double combination. To Jose Lopez credit, he is a above average hitter and if he can find another position he has that working for him; whereas, Betancourt can't take a ball, or a strike.  Gutierrez was got in from the Indians in the J.J. deal, and is a well above average defender. The only question that remanins to be anwsered on him is if he can hit at this level. Balentien simply has nothing left to prove in the minors, and needs to start seeing major league pitching to progress as a player. Just sending him back down to AAA Tacoma wouldn't do him, or the franchise much good. And Ichiro name speaks for himself, although for what he brings to the field as a skill set, I don't believe he is worth the money management pays for him; despite the large contigent of fans he draws.

For the Mariners, it dosen't get much better than Felix as the staff ace. A organization grown talent, 22 years young, with the sky being the limit for him. If Bedard can come back from left shoulder surgery and pitch as he did in 2007, the Mariners would have a pretty darn good top-half of the rotation. Morrow gave Mariners fan's alot to look forward to when he carried a no-hitter through eight innings against the Yankees. At this point, to is a toss up between Silva an Rowland-Smith for the #5 job, but Silva will more than likely get the job as a franchise can't let money sit and do nothing, although Silva looks like he does a lot of sitting anyways. With the dealing of Heilman, I believe Lowe should move into and deserves to be the closer. 

The Trade...There is NO way the trade will happen, but a guy can dream

SS Yuniesky Betancourt, RHP Felix Hernandez, and Player TBA to San Diego for RHP Jake Peavy

It's too bad Beltre has a no-trade clause with the Twins as they need a Third Baseman, and Beltre is a Gold Glover. Liriano is coming off Tommy John surgery with some bad blood between him and Twins management for keeping him in AAA for so long. The Mariners can afford to take a chance on Liriano with Beltre's contract expiring after the 2009 season. But, for some reason Felix will not sign a long-term deal with the club...gee I wonder why. Betancourt is a well below average major league shortstop. He was thought to be a Gold Glove caliber defender an has been everything but that. The Padres are unloading payroll, looking to deal Peavy, and Peavy wants to stay on the West Coast. He will more than likely end up with the Giants, Angels, Dodgers.

One deal that would be worth exploring is sending Jarrod Washburn to the Twins for Delmon Young. Money might come into play and finding the right numbers, but in my opinion, it's a win for both sides. Mariners get a young exciting player, and the Twins get a veteran starter to help them get back into the playoffs.

The Free Agent Signing...

1B Sean Casey (darn it! he had to retire)

To platoon with Branyan.

The 2009 Seattle Mariners

  • Catcher...Jeff Clement/Kenji Johjima
  • First Base...Russell Branyan
  • Second Base...Jose Lopez
  • Third Base...Adrian Beltre
  • Shortstop...Yuniesky Betancourt
  • Right Field...Ichiro Suzuki
  • Center Field...Franklin Gutierrez
  • Left Field...Wladimir Balentien
  • Designated Hitter...Jeff Clement/Kenji Johjima  
  • Starter #1...Felix Hernandez
  • Starter #2...Erik Bedard
  • Starter #3...Brandon Morrow
  • Starter #4...Jarrod Washburn
  • Starter #5...Silva / Rowland-Smith
  • Closer...Mark Lowe
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Snub of 08'...

The wait is over. College Football fan's across the nation now know who, what, where, and when the 2008-2009 College Football bowl games will be played. Amid controversy, just as every year, Oklahoma will play Florida in the BCS National Championship Game; seems as though every year this happens dosen't it. Alabama will play undefeated at-large the Utah Utes. ACC Champ Virginia Tech will play Big East Champ Cincinnati in the Orange Bowl, and if the BCS Championship Game wasn't in Miami a few days later I don't think many would care about South Beach. The Southern California Trojans will, again, play in the Rose Bowl. This time against a Penn State whose only loss was a one-point defeat against the Iowa Hawkeyes. Lastly, the Texas Longhorns will play the Ohio State Buckeyes. I may I ask the simple question; Why?

Not why Texas, in fact, many seem to deem Texas as a snub out of the BCS National Championship Game; however, why Ohio State? Nothing against the Buckeyes as they had a great season...after the USC loss and the Penn State loss. Sure the Fiesta Bowl people wanted the high profile matchup. Sending the Buckeyes to Tempe against the Longhorns would surely draw large amounts of fans to the desert with just as many would tuning in on the television, and provide a huge economic gain in the area. But, what about Boise State?

Seriously, why not. Forget the fact that the Broncos are in the WAC, and play on that blue-smurfish field that gives you a vertigo everytime you watch a game televised there. The Broncos are 12-0, oppose to Ohio State's 10-2. They are ahead of Ohio State in every major poll; AP, Coaches, Harris, and even the BCS. They have impressive wins at Oregon, and against Fresno State oppose to Ohio State's win at Michigan State? Lastly, their fans will travel. Why not let Boise State go back to the Fiesta Bowl? They showed they can hang with the big boys? Why not let Ian Johnson ride off into the sunset after his memorble wedding proposal? Why not Boise State.

Now, while I firmly believe the BCS is in a no win situation every year, and can never ever do right. Furthermore, I don't believe playoff is the answer as it would be a economic pitfall for schools. This was one that the BCS clearly got wrong, in my opinon, for no apparent reason. If you want to advacate what you are proposing by putting the best teams on the field for the BCS Bowls...than do it. Sorry Texas Tech, only two per conference. No soup for you.

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